The country of smile with bars, nightclubs and sensual girls.

Here is real exotic nightlife.

Activities in the night are in every bigger city and they are always somehow related to pretty and sexy Thai girls and Ladyboys, this is a dual issue, they always work in the same environment.

nightlife girls at tha phae rd chiang mai

In the north it is for sure Chiang Mai Nightlife with the best environment but rather on a low level there are no dedicated quarters similar to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hat Yai and Danok with some hot stuff, read more.

Nightlife girls at a Hua Hin barIts a bit like Hua Hin and Ayutthaya which are north and south of the capital and more massage and karaoke oriented, there are also many freelancer around, read more.

Young Thai ladies keep the business burning and everyone like it as here in Ayutthaya. This was the old capital until the Burmese Army came in and sacked it. After they moved it to present day "Krung Thep". Now mostly Japanese guys populate the nightlife scene since there are a couple of huge manufacturing plants of their companies such as Honda, read more.

Thailand nightlife at Soi Cowboy Bangkok
A great strip is Soi Cowboy in Bangkok full with fantastic views and attractive girls. Actually this is one of the best nightlife spots in the country easily reachable by the BTS and a feast for the eyes not only because of the young women, read more

Patpong in Bangkok is another hot nightspot in the city center

Patpong is probably the "Mother of nightlife with girls" the girly bars popped up during the Vietnam War when mainly GI were around, after they left the tourist came. Some of the first visitors the Germans have been and the jumbo aircraft they came with got the name "Bums Bomber" guess you can translate that, read more.

The capital has some more pleasure zones for fun in the dark oriented, the next and probably the biggest is Nana Plaza very close to Soi Cowboy at "Nana BTS Station

Karaoke Bars

Singing in a nightclub or lounge is very popular in Asia. 

In Thailand a whole category of nightlife was implemented after copied from Japan in the 198x they were named "Cafe" similar as it has been done in Tokyo and elsewhere on the islands. They idea is singing and have some pretty girls around for fun and helping drinking plus maybe some more "business" afterwards or right in the Karaoke Bar manually.

Sensual Christmas

About gorgeous Santa Girls at work.

Santa girls celebrate without the "claus" they want money and the foreigners want sensual games at Christmas what have they all in common? They like it.

Shopping in Hat Yai

The center of the south is a shoppers paradise.

It is amazing what is on display in Hat Yai for rather reasonable prices day and night and the amount of gold shops clearly points to a Chinese population. It's rather strange that there are no jade jewelry shops since after the yellow metal the green is the most object of desire.

Gold shop in the center of Hat Yai

Hat Yai Street Food

The city is a great destination for exotic Chinese food.

Especially in the night after the hawker move in plenty of street food goodies are available, some are real Chinese specials and they taste quite good. Since I never got sick until now it seems they are also working in a clean environment.

Go-Go Bars

Watching this pretty dancing bar girls is real eye-candy.

The table or pole dancing is nothing new and is performed in many countries but the easy going atmosphere at bars and nightclubs in Thailand's nightlife is exceptional. 

Have a look into our pictures and videos it will convince you and help to plan your next holiday maybe to Pattaya, Phuket or Phnom Penh / Cambodia.

a go-go dancing in south Thailand

a go-go dancing in a south Thailand night

bar girls dancing

Russian girls go-go dancing in Patong Phuket

Go-go girls dancing in Phuket Town
Go-go girls dancing in Phuket Town
To watch pretty bodies is not bad especially when they have something to show, we call is "some wood in front of the hut". 

The top is naturally when the situation is in a way which makes it possible to take the pretty lady with for closer encounter. For that purpose go-go bars in the nightlife business are the right place. 
bar girls dancing in south Thailandgirls dancing in Phuket Town
A other version could be just to ask her if she follows you to your car and some stuff you like. 

Don't be shy they are doing this every night and are used on it, actually it's the job. 

Girlie bar in Phnom Penh table dancing

In the a go-go and girlie barsnightclubs at Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok and elsewhere young women of different nationalities are working such as the one pictured above which is either Russian or Ukraine.
Dance bars in Danok are very popular by the men from Malaysia.